What Are Helianthemum Plants - Sunrose Care Tips And Information

What Are Helianthemum Plants - Sunrose Care Tips And Information
  1. How do you care for a helianthemum?
  2. Is helianthemum a perennial?
  3. Do you prune helianthemum?
  4. How do you propagate a helianthemum?

How do you care for a helianthemum?

Water Helianthemum regularly throughout active growth when the soil becomes dry to the touch and throughout periods of drought. Once established Helianthemum are a little more drought tolerant. Apply a balanced liquid fertiliser monthly whilst in growth to encourage better flowering and foliage performance.

Is helianthemum a perennial?

Helianthemums or “Rock Roses” smother themselves in flowers of either white, yellow, pink, orange or red, all summer. Prune hard after flowering to keep compact and encourage another flush of flowers. ... Average height 20cm(8in).

Do you prune helianthemum?

Helianthemums are hardy, low, spreading bushes that flower in late spring/early summer. ... Pruning is best done in early spring but is possible at any time during the growing season. That is the only maintenance the plants should need.

How do you propagate a helianthemum?

Propagating Helianthemum

Propagate by seed or semi-ripe heel cuttings in early summer. Once rooted, pinch out the growing tips to help the plants bush-out. Plant out in the spring.

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